More than 60% of the experiments fail to produce results or expected discoveries (produce negative results). This high percentage of “failed” research generates high level knowledge. But generally, all these experiments have not been published anywhere as they have been considered useless for our research target. We have published elsewhere the importance of publishing negative results.

Since 2008 The All Results Journals focuses on recovering and publishing negative results, valuable pieces of information in Science. These experiments should be taken into account as a vital key for the development of science. These negative results are the catalyst for a real science-based empirical knowledge.

The All Results Journals are published by the Society for the Improvement of Science (SACSIS), a non-profit scientific organization founded to promote scientific research and technological innovation at the highest levels. SACSIS general purpose is to prevent the editorial bias that are suffering the negative results of main scientific research. Optimization of research infrastructure will translate in a better society in a faster way.

Author benefits:

Total Open Access: Free and permanent access without barriers offers the potential for high visibility and higher downloads and citations. Authors can retain the copyright to their article allowing third parties to freely reuse and distribute if correctly attributed.

Rapid Publication: Online submission, peer review and production makes the publishing process simple and efficient. In addition, all articles are published immediately on acceptance.

NO Publishing Fees: The Society for the Improvement of Science (SACSIS) removes cost of publication from individual authors. No extra charges for color figures or supplementary material.

High Visibility: Total Open Access ensures maximum exposure for an author's work.

Permanent Archiving: Articles are indexed in major bibliographic indexes.

No Space Constraints: Publishing online means unlimited space for figures or extensive data.

Access Tracking: Authors have access to information about the number of times people view or download their article, and can track the progress of their manuscript pre- and post-publication.

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