Dec 2, 2014

Thank you to our negative results' reviewers

We'd like to thank publicly the important work of our scientific reviewers. The mission of The All Results Journals is the communication of excellent research work obtaining negative results from all fields of Chemistry, Physics, Nanotechnology, Biology and Biomedicine.

Clearly, a scientific journal’s greatest responsibility toward the scientific community is to ensure that all contributions accepted for publication are rigorously but fairly reviewed, specially in a journal of negative results like these.

For this reason, all manuscripts published in the journal are reviewed by expert referees. The final quality of papers accepted for publication depends to a considerable extent on the reviewers, who give valuable constructive criticism to the authors. The input and dedication of all our reviewers are highly appreciated by both the editors and the authors.

At the end of 2014, we gratefully acknowledge the valuable support of the following scientists who have reviewed papers for The All Results Journals during the past 12 months:

Alvaro Salvador GonzalezEmilio GonzalezLaura Plaza ArreguiRon Van Noorden
Ana Aranda PérezEnrique CobosLuis DiazRonald Dorenbos
Antonio Jesus Ruiz SanchezGirish MahajanManuel AlcarazoSonia Malik
Benjamin MudrakIsabel Morato RojasManuel PerniaSvetlana Tsogoeva
Carlos Juan Ceacero RuizJaleh MansouriMaria Pilar Ayuda DuránTomas Salmeron Parra
Carmen MuñozJeremiah JohnsonMark KarverVasco Bonifacio
Carsten BolmJordi Martinez QuintanillaNarasimhulu KorrapatiVictor Quesada
Charumathi SabanayagamJosé Juan Marrero TelladoNicolas NavrotVictor Sebastian Cabeza
Daniel ColladoJoseph SullivanOsvaldo Ernesto Antonio ArceVijay Nema
Daniel JimenezKaren SagredoRobert MandellWilliam Smith

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