Mar 25, 2011

New volunteer in The All Results Journals

The All Results Journals is having Dr. Victoria Valdivia as a new volunteer. Dr. Valdivia is a organic chemist at the department of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Trieste (Italy), in the Carbon Nanotechnology group.

Welcome to SACSIS team!

You can also collaborate with SACSIS as volunteer in several tasks:

* Editorial assistant for The All Results Journals
* English proofreader
* Marketing (online and off-line)
* Scientific journalism
* Web development
* Scientific writer
* Reviewer of The All Results Journals
* Fundraising

SACSIS will provide the volunteer:

* The information, training, support and the material necessary to exercise the functions assigned to it.
* Active participation within the organization, design, evaluation and programming of the activities.
* Opportunities for professional development and social interaction with other volunteers.

For a better understanding of what you can expect as a volunteer and what is expected of you by our organization, please contact us with a brief note about your interests at: