May 15, 2015

Negative Results in Progesterone Research

It is known that medical investigations are very important in finding new treatments and alternatives to different illnesses. Nevertheless, the study of failed studies is also important to avoid time, money and undesirable adverse effects.

Recently, a failed study about progesterone has been discovered. Leopoldo Montavo, a mason from Austin, had a serious car accident some years ago while he was coming home. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. Consequently, he decided to participate in a research based on the supply of progesterone in brain injuries.

This study claims that progesterone could have a protective role in brain traumas.

Fifty percent of the participants took the drug and the other 50% took a placebo. In our case, Leopoldo took a placebo but surprisingly, it worked for him. After years of research, progesterone studies were stopped due to insufficient evidence of success. The scientists claim that negative results are needed in science and are as important as the positive ones. According to them, "When you examine the current literature and if none of the negative results are there, we get a false sense of what works and what doesn't. Finding where the blind alleys are and marking them and not going down those again."

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Written by Dr. David Alcantara and Paula Ruíz for The All Results Journals. 

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