Sep 28, 2011

New volunteer in The All Results Journals

The All Results Journals: Chem is having Dr. Amparo Ruiz Carretero as a new volunteer. Dr. Ruiz Carretero is an organic chemist working as a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University in Chicago (Illinois). Her research is directed towards the use of self-assembly in energy technologies such as organic photovoltaics.

Welcome to SACSIS team!

You can also collaborate with SACSIS as volunteer in several tasks:

* Editorial assistant for The All Results Journals
* Scientific Copyeditors
* English proofreader
* Marketing (online and off-line)
* Scientific journalism
* Web development
* Scientific writer
* Reviewer of The All Results Journals
* Fundraising

SACSIS will provide the volunteer:

* The information, training, support and the material necessary to exercise the functions assigned to it.
* Active participation within the organization, design, evaluation and programming of the activities.
* Opportunities for professional development and social interaction with other volunteers.

For a better understanding of what you can expect as a volunteer and what is expected of you by our organization, please contact us with a brief note about your interests at:

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