Mar 14, 2010

Publishing Drug Drug Non-Interaction in The All Results Journals

Publishing Drug-drug Non-interaction in The All Results Journals

Understanding and documentation of drug-drug interactions (DDIs) are one of the most important component of drug development and also of clinical therapeutics.

Because clinical DDI studies are costly, time consuming and involve some risk, not all clinical DDI questions can be realistically addressed through human DDI trials.

In vitro models have been used to identify and predict drug combinations that might interact, and combinations that are unlikely to interact. This screening or "filtration" information allows clinical resources to be targeted in a more informed way.

Still, many DDI studies will end up with a negative results. Negative DDI results constitute important and clinically relevant information, and scientific reports of such studies are good candidates for publication in The All Results Journals.

Drug-drug non-Interaction studies provide biomedical and public health information as important as the studies with positive results. Among the "population" of all DDI studies, too few negative results means that our filter is too stringent, and we probably are failing to conduct some studies that would be positive.

The All Results Journals:Biol is the place where these studies perfectly fit and for that we invite all the DDI researchers to submit now their negative results

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