Feb 11, 2009

Calling for papers

The All Results Journals is a family of open-access electronic-only journals publishing negative results across the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Nanotechnology and Physics.
At present, within the research community, more than 60% of the experiments fail to produce results or expected discoveries. Even though, as in many cases this would be frustrating from an objective point of view, this high percentage of ´failed´ research generates high level knowledge. But generally, all these experiments have not been published anywhere as they have been considered useless for our research target.
The main objective of The All Results Journals focuses on recovering and publishing negative results, valuable pieces of information in Science. These experiments should be taken into account as a vital key for the development of science. These negative (or secondary) results are the catalyst for a real science-based empirical knowledge.

Because we firmly think that all your results are good results!

We think that the awareness of secondary (or negative) results plays an important role in the advancement of science.

An invitation to submit

The full Editorial Board of arjournals would like to invite article submissions from researchers working at the forefront of main areas of Science.

Benefits of publishing in arjournals:

  • The totality of all of your real scientific work are presented (this data can be presented for justify projects or when asking for funds, etc.).
  • Your contribution is essential to the scientific community. Publishing in arjournals will avoid costly and time-consuming investigations across the world that would produce the same results as yours.
  • Rigorous peer-review: Every submission is preliminarily assessed by the Editorial Board who also guides the formal peer-review process.
  • Free publishing: No article processing fees! And you can also take advantage of arjournals online medium by including color figures at no cost.
  • Long-term archiving: arjournals is committed to ensuring long-term access to its entire contents (all journals) and is preserved via the LOCKSS system, a key archiving initiative that enables member libraries to collect, store and provide access to their own local copy of the journal.
  • Arjournals copyright statement allows you and your institution to reproduce, distribute and communicate your published article to the public. Published articles may also be used for non-commercial purposes at your discretion.

Submit your paper now!

We firmly encouraged you to submit your secondary (negative) results to arjournals!
Because all your results are good results!!

Visit us and register today as an author in arjournals entering within your scientific fields. Any queries about arjournals should be directed to the journal manager at arjournals@arjournals.com

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